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Fair Share Communications

 Company Overview- FCL is a communications platform serving businesses by providing proprietary software so that firms can more easily engage with all their shareholders in real time. FCL has built a shareholder engagement platform which allows firms to connect with their shareholders in a unique two-way exchange. Businesses need a cost-effective way to communicate with all of their shareholders simultaneously while reducing the noise from Social Media Platforms which are particularly problematic following damaging reports. Incorporated in July 2015, after >2 years of research.

About the team- Rois Ni Thuama (CEO & Founder) – Having worked in a variety of startup businesses (including Shazam, IAS Medical, Sakhalin Energy) undertook her doctoral thesis in corporate law looking at how financial consumers can interact with the firm and assume responsibility for their investment decisions.

Victor Dollero experience straddles both Technology (UN HQ, Geneva) and Law (Commercial Law firm Kidd Rapinet 2014-2016). Victor joins the team as CTO and Co. Sec.


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City Sail

Company Overview- City Sail, the LinkedIn of video CVs, is a comprehensive employment marketplace run on artificial intelligence from video profiles extraction for candidate matching algorithm. We bring candidates’ CVs to life and help solve the achilles’ heel in the recruiting industry of the mismatch between the paper CV and the actual person behind the CV, allowing employers to focus on the right candidate at the first step of the recruiting process and drastically reducing time and costs involved.

About the team- Yi Xu – Founder & CEO

  • 10 years experience in finance
  • Ex M&A investment banker at Credit Suisse
  • Ex European Finance News TV Presenter for Shanghai’s State-owned finance channel
  • China/US/France/UK
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Company Overview-INDUSTRY4.UK is a uniquely agile solutions provider for the smart industrial manufacturing sector. The company’s mission is to provide innovative off­the­shelf transient data connection products directly to the production line technicians and managers without the traditional high costs of capital investment associated with bespoke software. By using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and principles, INDUSTRY4.UK provides the tools and connectivity that allows for realtime configuration of process streams in secure environments.

Founders and team background- 

Julian Singh ­ Co­founder | Business Development Manager

Julian has over 6 years of business development and commercial experience working within the industrial SMT electronics market, both in technical and key account management roles. Most recently he has been working on projects with Siemens and Intel, having successfully delivered an IoT­based remote assets management software package to help remotely connect and manage a variety of capital equipment manufacturing machines. Julian has a degree in BEng (Hons) Engineering with Business from Southampton and enjoys all forms motorsport, especially Formula 1. He joins the team from working as a Sales Manager for a large German electronics components manufacturer.

David Graham ­ Co­founder | Software Architect

David has over 7 years working within the SMT market and many more working on software and web products. He comes from a family of Software Engineers which gives him an insight into other industries and trends. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he describes himself as quintessentially British and a bit of an oddball. He saw that there was going to be a growing demand for Industry 4.0 solutions after experiencing the pain of integrating a Manufacturing Execution System into an equipment supplier’s machinery. He most recently has been working as a Software Developer at a digital agency and has a in degree in BSc (Hons) Computing from Bournemouth University.

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Company Overview- The platform allows a user to see real-time activity from any local friends, people. events and businesses, including a wealth of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Users can alter their discovery radius on Hollabox to see as much or as little of the world around them as they like, with all activity displaying in both a feed and a map. This means a user could be walking down the high street and see what’s happening immediately next to them or in the whole city! We aim to one day be recognised amongst the elite of social networking, with our signature “holla” tag. We are redefining how our digital and physical worlds are connected, striving to create stronger communities through the sharing of thoughts, activities, news and events in a person’s immediate proximity, providing the bigger picture, on a local level.

We think the theme of social networking today has become more about spreading connectivity to people from all corners of the globe, indeed making the world smaller, yet there’s so much in our own backyards to discover, we could do more to share and connect with people and places that can have a more regular influence in our lives. Hollabox will give everyone the simplicity and convenience desired to explore, learn and become be a bigger part of the local world around them. 

The men behind the box quite simply love to think outside of the box. The two founders of Hollabox Adam Beveridge (23) and Arun Thangavel (22) met at Bournemouth University in 2011 and have been the pioneers of numerous business ideas that embodied what they as students wanted to have along their university journey. 

Founders and team background

Adam has graduated in Business Studies and Enterprise. He has experience of both SME’s and MNE’s, having worked as CEO for a media production SME and in finance and marketing positions for corporate giants GlaxoSmithKline during 2013/2014. This has provided Adam with strong knowledge of how to financially operate a business, in terms of budgeting for projects and managing a team. He has also worked on projects for large brands such as Lucozade, Ribena, Sensodyne, Aquafresh and Maximuscle.

Arun has graduated in Geographical Science.  Arun’s small business and entrepreneurial experience extends back to his involvement in various schemes including Young Enterprise in 2011 as operations manager and the “LionHeart Innovation and Enterprise Competition” in 2009 as project manager. Arun is also a design guru, creating all Hollabox POS and digital content in-house.

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Company Overview- Roxxare  provide instant eSports coaching. We are connecting the gamers and the coaches automatically. We are Uber for eSports. With a single click of a button, you get connected with a coach, and you can start your session via Skype. Gamers can improve their skills. Coaches can support their lives with a job that is in the industry.

About the team- Norbert Berényi (CEO) Viktor Márton

We started our entrepreneur carriers last September when we attended a school class called Creating and Managing Innovative Companies. We finished the class and attended to an accelerator program earlier this year. And now we are here in Bournemouth to continue the journey. We are the two co-founders of the team. Viktor is responsible for the business, finance, and management part. Norbert is handling the development.

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 Company Overview HiveWire– Patient information does not flow around the system smoothly or quickly. Doctors work in insular teams in which information gets siloed. It is often hard to identify and get hold of the right professional in another speciality. HiveWire is a secure messaging network made by healthcare workers for healthcare workers. It aims to save time and reduce clinical errors by replacing the outdated pagers and fax machines still used in hospitals today. In doing so HiveWire hopes to become the UK’s first highly specialised vertical healthcare network.

Founders and team background

Dilan Pathmajothy: The company was founded by Dilan, an NHS junior doctor. Having worked on the frontline of clinical medicine he knows just how frustrating hospital communication can be and understands the pain points of end users well. Improving patient care and innovating on old systems is something Dilan is deeply passionate about. 

Nick Kandola: was previously an NHS business director where he delivered a range of transformational programmes and managed hospital services. He understands first-hand how NHS decision making and procurement works, and understands the issues surrounding software deployment within the NHS. Prior to that he built and sold his own venture-backed software.

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Company Overview- MSKnote provides practice management and patient information solutions for musculoskeletal healthcare services. The company is based in West Sussex and has been created by musculoskeletal clinicians aiming to provide a truly clinically effective digital system. MSKnote has been developed to work as a front end digital solution for musculoskeletal services to improve their service efficiencies and standards of patient care. MSKnote plans to also create a patient-specific app to deliver patient-specific information in order to promote treatment adherence, healthier lifestyles and reduce service demands.

About the team

 Cathal Malon – Company Director

Cathal is clinician with a passion for digital healthcare. He has been involved in musculoskeletal healthcare for approximately 17 years, having graduated with a Master degree in Physiotherapy. Since 2003 he has worked within the NHS and private healthcare and is a specialist physiotherapist in spinal and lower limb complaints. 

 His personal frustrations with using IT systems in healthcare, motivated Cathal to create MSKnote in order to improve the IT experience of clinicians in the clinical setting. He has driven this project from its outset and aims to make MSKnote a globally successful business. 

Tim Simms – Senior Software Developer

Tim has extensive experience in software development and has a special interest in developing platforms that help reduce staff costs through improving IT infrastructures and systems. Tim is a part shareholder and is the primary IT developer of MSKnote. Through combining his creative software ideas with the clinical requirements of the project he has created a fantastic system that flows and is highly user-friendly. He is excited to start the development of the patient app and to continue developing the patient management system in order to maximise its potential to become a truly effective clinical tool.

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Company Overview- Curamicus is a developing  a massively scalable 21C wearable system providing holistic management of the problem of falls in elders and vulnerable people worldwide allowing them to live safer and independent lives.

About the team

Robin Frost – Co-Founder/CTO – BSc. (Hons) First Class in Physics with Electronics. 4 years in Astrophysics PhD research as Electronics and Computer Specialist for the Molecular Astronomy Group. Technology Entrepreneur for 25+ years creating/producing/launching to market software/hardware products such as the Retinal Imaging System (RIS) marketed/ sold worldwide to hospitals and ophthalmic clinics for over 10 years.

Robin filed a US Patent for network storage technology he invented and has filed UK/US patents in relation to Curamicus in association with Sue Frost.

Sue Frost – Co-Founder/CEO – UK Lawyer turned Technology Entrepreneur with 25+ years’ experience in business development; Developed Strategic Partner relationships with multinationals Canon and Nikon for the RIS product; Built/managed RIS sales channel in 12 countries.

Both Founders spent 15 years living/working in West Coast USA & Canada and as a result have useful US-based business contacts.