Student Testers
How you can apply

Application and Deadlines

Applications are now closed for First Bourne 2016. To find out about future programmes please get in touch via the contact page.



  • Applications close 11th July 2016 (3.30pm)
  • Companies invited 13th July 2016
  • Pitch event 18th and 19th July 2016
  • Successful companies invited: 22nd July 2016
  • Investment contracts signed – 19th August 2016
  • Accelerator starts – 5th September 2016
  • Accelerator finishes – 2nd December 2016

Full Application Form Guidelines

You will need to complete the following questions on the application form. Please try to keep you answers relevant and address the following points in your answers.

1. What is the business opportunity?
This section is about showing there is a demand for the product you want to create and sell. Please identify the intended customers of your project and detail the nature of the challenges and issues they face. Please also explain how you will address these issues by creating and selling this product. Focus on the consumer demand – who wants your product and why.
(350 words max)

2. How will your product work?
Please give specific details (as best you can at this stage) about the different functions your product or service will include. Where possible link these to the issues raised in the business opportunity to show how the design can help end-customers overcome the challenges they face. Include any technical innovations.
(350 words max)

3. How big is the market and what’s the opportunity?
Please provide some information about the size of the market you think your product will sell to. Be specific about the types of people/organisations most likely to buy it. Don’t just identify an overall customer segment – detail the sub-set of market your product directly relates to.
How big is the customer base and where is it – local / national / global? Please describe your competition – who is selling to them already? Please highlight its functional innovation – explain how your product/service would be better; how it will improve on existing practices. (300 words max)

4. What stage of development is your product at and what challenges are you currently experiencing or expect to face?
Please describe what progress you have made in developing your product so far (it may not be much – that’s fine). If you have made a start please outline the difficulties you face in taking it further and what’s stopping you from succeeding at the moment. If you at an earlier stage please outline the key technical developments and issue you will need to overcome
(300 words max)

5. How will the First Bourne Accelerator programme help you overcome these challenges?
What do you hope to gain by being part of the Digital Accelerator programme? How do you want it to help you overcome the challenges listed in the previous question? Please describe what you would spend the money on. The money can be spent on the costs of the residency, cost of living etc. but are there other costs you face. Please highlight the relevancy of the business mentoring and coaching for you, what help do you need most.
(300 words max)

6. Who will be leading your project?
Please describe the main people involved in developing the project and provide some background information about them. If you intend to work with a third party please include them too. If you intend to work with a third party but haven’t chosen them yet, please explain what other skills you would be looking to secure.
(300 words max)

7. Please attach any additional supporting material that might support your application: e.g. investment deck/ product designs.
This is your opportunity to attach any documentation that you feel will support your application. If you have any product designs, business plans or investment propositions already in place, please attach here.

Applications are being routed through the F6S website, you will need to create a profile on it to apply, but this also gives you access to hundreds of support programmes for startups across the world.